Thursday, December 17, 2015

What motivates you?

I was so surprised to go a Google search and find absolutely nothing about motivation for personal growth, development and fitness, without typing in "gym motivation," which usually leads to a bunch of scantily clad pictures of beautiful ladies who are clearly working their fitness for a living. So once again, all roads lead to things other than what I had originally imagined.

But was there a message in that? Was there this little nugget of wisdom I had conveniently overlooked? Was that the motivation I needed to go back into my blog and inaugurate a phase of my life I once left behind for an entire year. The typepad flows as I return to that woman who had a penchant for writing and a fire to change the world. Where had she gone?

Other pathways lead me away, but now I'm through that tunnel and I am ready to bring it like the Phoenix of yore. I have rekindled what motivates me: my self love.

Now you might ask yourself how one can even look in the mirror and feel really good about herself even though the mirror sees the woman who seems to be up twenty pounds from last year, who lost her mojo for cardio, who stopped going as often, downed her own ability to train people, and yet sees this gorgeous creature who has this incredible metabolism....
and looks amazing for 43!

I found this pearl of wisdom embedded in my heart, finally...this deep place that couldn't be penetrated by any superficial physical goal, and yet knows that her inner beauty has yet to even be manifest in physical form. 

In short, I'm back, and I'm ready. I'm done with waiting for the right moment for my greatness to come onto the scene. I know it's now. May this motivate you to step into who you may truly choose to be.