Monday, April 29, 2013

Picture Taking and Leanness Making.

I'm about to get downright brave and bold, and share my latest goals with you.

Now, what's in it for me, I wonder, to announce my latest mental and physical challenge to you? To show you I'm a warmblooded human who wants to share my life and real talk with you. I also want to be somehow held accountable for my desire to become a more complete and accomplished woman. Next thing is, I think most people need a challenge that provides them with some inspiration to reach their goals. So many people have inspired me, and now I'll prove that they really did change my life, by them sharing their stories with me.

I've always been athletic and artistic. This led to my heart splitting into pieces when I realized I couldn't serve two competition teams: one for dancing, and one for track and field, so I had to choose, and I chose to dance. Had I known the potential I had as a 220s sprinter, I may have gone that route and life would have been a little altered...but the magic of the creative process as a dancer sent me soaring to highs I never thought I'd reach.

Cut to my current state of being.  So I never was encouraged to rock out my body, but I've always been fit and active. Now that I've reached the 40 marker, my energy and ability, including strength and endurance, has gone through the roof! I had to cut down on the cardio, because it had gotten excessive. Now I just opt to do a lot of kettlebell and HIIT training, with a little cardio activity interspered.

The biggest challenge had always been to get a ripped body, and because of such stringent routines many put themselves through, I decided to forgo that for as long as possible....but I was never sure how long I could stay away. I had told myself repeatedly that it wasn't for me, it was not as important as my health, that it was a vanity contest. Was I harboring resistance for a sport I never felt I could really stride in? Now that I am in the disciplined mindset and wouldn't mind seeing a clear cut six-pack to go with my meditative status, I changed my eating and am ready to rock out a leaner physique. I realized just recently too, that I don't really mind what I weigh, as long as I am looking lean and mean and blissful, all at once. I don't think it's too much to ask, and what's more, is that I can see it. I am ready for the success that comes with it, the feeling of triumphing over what could be considered something of a lifelong goal.

The conversation continues.

Long time no kettle chat

I've been up at the wee hours of the morning doing so many things. Tonight I cleaned my kitchen and prepped Monday's lunch. I'm pretty proud. Even more importantly, I've begun a heavier workout routine with the girls and I. It's called Don't stop Til you get crippled. Yeah, we went right past the "feel the burn" mark and escalated into "this is sheer nonsense/stop the insanity." But I'm still standing. Barely.

We also began adding some extra workout days, so lifting has become even more manifest. Sunday's routine consisted of flexed and contracted hanging, assisted pull ups, and sung to the total of about 11 sets. Then we went and killed our leg press, pyramiding up to the point of doom: 100 reps with 90, 75 reps with 180 lbs and 35 reps with 270 lbs. We only got in three sets until the girls stopped me and pulled me off the workout floor.

I also began loading aminos and beta alanine, which really helps me with muscle recovery. At this point it's a godsend, since our workouts have expanded...gotta get ready for the HKC. It's my goal, and I need to chat about both the beta alanin and the HKC in a coming post. Until then, may your weights feel extremely heavy, and your muscles show with pride.