Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday morning.

I've just found out that I love speak text. This helps me to write a moving blog in my car!! The best part about it is that I did not have time this morning to sit down and write a blog, so being able to speak into a phone and spread my blog love is more than amazing. Ain't technology grand? I'm still waiting for the phone that I don't have to hold, whose speaker sounds crystalline. But I digress.

As I packed my bags this morning for the training, all I could think about was how I should have done it the night before. I thought about how I should have gotten gas in the tank before, How my vitamins should have been laid out, how my nutritional intake should have been ready to go. And of course, as it goes on every day of the week, once again, none of these things were done… But lucky for me, I am able to move quickly to get to my destination. Funny thing is, I forgot to eat!! I guess that's why I ate carbohydrates last night, and attempted to preload my muscles. I am pretty sure that I am not going to be nutrient deficient in the least bit…

Today is definitely going to be one of those days where by the end of the day, I will probably post three more blogs with conversation about the exciting highlights.

I will be reporting on everything from the chalk and tape and gloves that will not be on my hands, to the impressive responses from my coaches and peers. Okay, now I'm really daydreaming!! Okay. Now let's get busy. I'll be talking out my phone soon. I'm thinking that I write better than I speak…

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