Saturday, June 1, 2013

Almost there.

So this week was nothing short of interesting. It consisted of more days of rest than I am usually accustomed to. I tried my pull-ups at the beginning of the week, and then allowed it to be exactly what it was going to be. I know that things can't be perfect, but I would sure as heck like them to be. That was the main motivator for my taking two days off this week. I didn't want to train so hard that I was completely shot, and had no energy left for performance day, which is Saturday. 
In addition to rest days, I noticed that I had a particular longing for carbohydrates. Now in recent days past, I had not had any particular taste for grain carbs. Brown rice however, made with coconut oil, was definitely on my agenda for the week. This followed Potatoes, and a multitude of very fresh and delicious cherries and green grapes. Then I noticed myself craving bananas, oranges, and grapefruits. I made my water with limes and lemons, and by the end of it all, I realized what was happening. I was loading for my performance today. Somewhere in my head, I was hoping this would help. I was hoping my intuition was serving me well…

Because of my long week, I had failed to do the one thing that I probably needed to do over all the workout days in my week: stretch, long, deep, and thoroughly. Although I do a bit of regular stretching, my thoracic spinal area felt a bit restricted. My scoliosis curves to the left, and I could only wonder what would come of it today, as I walked in with fairly tight hips and a restricted lower spine.  was just foam roll and invert, and all I ended up doing was eating, washing dishes, and looking up information such as the address and registration for the big day.

Somehow I am figuring I will have time during the workshop to sit in a long forward fold, and maybe a pigeon stretch, releasing my hips, making them free! In fact, I think I'm daydreaming about it right this minute. What is my issue? I am used to preparing myself for competition days and performance days. I guess it's been a while since I've gotten on this horse, and it feels just a tiny bit foreign to me, now after all of these years. In fact, I think that's what's most exciting about this Certification.

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