Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Light lift, split shifts...

Here it is, the beginning of my holiday training the way I like to ride. I want to make the best use of my training time, so I am doubling up on workouts...

My boyfriend wanted to train me today and share with me the latest of what he has learned from his recent journey back into competing in a bodybuilding competition. He has been successfully acquiring gains from the intense regimen he has been on, and he wanted to share his quest. Oh lucky, lucky me.

Thing is, one training thing led to another and after about 30ish minutes, I was buttered toast. Here's what we did. I feel I should tell you that I did this in a fasted state,as I am excited about burning fat...those workouts always burn all my sugars out and get my body revving higher than I could in a well fueled state.

3 sets straight bar power cleans, about 15 reps, if I could get them all.
leg press warm-up set of 15
2 sets of slow burn presses with 4 second holds, heavy contraction at top

3 sets of slow burn hack squats, 20 reps

That afternoon I ate some whiting fish and cabbage with dried cranberries and mayo.
Little did I know the pain that was to come. I drank some coffee to prepare for the pain.

5pm workout consisted of heavy lower body work.
squat toss with ball
Planks and ab work
Squat rotations

...and basically everything that could have hurt me more. ..thanks Michael. ...Grrrrrrrrr. :) 😈
Anyway I was going back for cardio and got intercepted by his desire to spend some quality time together. yeah after creaming me! 😁

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