Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tonight's workout and energy field sensitivity=bad combo.

Once Jessy and I found a lovely spot on the crazily crowded floor tonight, we began our solid-packed endurance burn workout with a 40 pound straight bar, a 30 pound kettlebell, a 7.5 pound set of dumbbells and a hyperextension bench for some suspended ab work. (I'm thinking of that pull up strength I don't seem to have in full force just yet. Going for it now with some crazy exercises.)

We started with our straight bar. We once again went for 20 reps per set and 2 to 3 sets, each long heart action circuit lasting long enough to want it to stop.  Here's more information on peripheral heart action training circuit:

 For some reason, this workout leaves us a bit winded and just this side of nauseous, but feeling depleted in a good sort of way.

20 deep squats
20 shoulder presses (elbows in, focus on triceps)
20 deadlifts
20 bar rows
20 bicep curls
20 tricep straight arm pressbacks
20 lunges (bar bottom load)
20 squat to press
30 swings to cleans
15 hyperextensions  with 35 pound plate
12 kettlebell obliques on hyper extension bench (bottom and top loaded...racking a bell and in the other hand, letting it hang....ugh such nasty kettle creations.)
10 bell hells (that's what I call 'em) you lay with your back over the end of the bench where you would normally put your legs, lay back until parallel to the floor and single arm chest press that weight up!)

Now in the middle of our workout, we feel this huge surge of super gross energy, and knew that something was way off. I walked away from that corner and instantly feel better. So someone had latched their caustic energy onto me! Oh no, this could not continue. You see, sometimes people have this projective energy, and they throw their energy about haphazardly. For example, if a person is super positive when you are feeling low, you feel energized by this. But if this same strong person is angry and is not able to contain energy, you end up getting drained by it. This is the short explanation. And on top of this, said person may have even been focusing his attention on meat market options, which, if this energy is unwanted, can be an even deeper source of drain.

The moral of this story is, if you have a big energy field, and you're in great company, getting an amazing workout, and you suddenly feel drained even though you timed your meals correctly, there's this other reason you might try looking at. More on this to follow.

The moral of this

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