Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Night Playtime

Kelly and I decided to hit the gym with this bang-up bruiser. Simple to remember what comes next, but tough because you know it's gonna hurt!
Make sure you're using enough weight, but not to the point where you can't finish the warm-ups...Kelly used 25, I used 30. If we wanted to end the workout sooner, we both would have gone up by 5 pounds.

Warm-ups are always interesting because they are supposed to be easy. Well, not this one.

50 kettle swings
50 prayer squats (deep...go all the way down)

Round one
10-1hand swings (pass to other side)
10-2hand swings
10 cleans each side

Round Two
20-double cleans. We held 25 in one hand, and 30 in the other. 10 then switch weight so it's even. I'd say this was harder than swinging with two of the same weight, since there is some cross lateral compensation involved. That's what I would call it, anyway.

Alternate this set with incline leg press. Um, we used 4 plates on each side for a total of 8 plates. That's 360 pounds. Now press it 20 times per set. Make sure the amount you choose is doable and yet tough by its finish. You should not be looking forward to rep 15 and wanting to seriously stop by 18. It should be tough to get out those last few reps...or it's not heavy enough.

20-incline leg presses with a good amount of weight.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. Do Round two for a total of five sets. You will have done 100 leg presses and 100 double swings in sets of 20.

We were going to throw in some racked crunches, weighted on both ends (one arm hanging, holding a kettle, the other hand holds a racked kettle and you're sidelying with feet aligned heel to toe) on the hyperextension bench, 15 reps each side for 3 sets, but we were lost after those two rounds.

We cooled down with a 20 minute low level walk. It felt pretty good to reground and prep for the evening. Tuesday's workout is going to be about some long cardio and heavier abs, maybe a little bit of HIIT training.

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