Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Flexed Hang Test and Tonight's workout.


I am dreading the flexed hang test a little, but I really shouldn't, because I can at least do one pull up. But the thing is, how long can I hang out in a flexed hang? Now, I'm pretty sure I can do longer than 20 seconds, but part of my concern is how they, the HKC judges, will make me hang. For example, will they assist me into it, or will they make me jump into it? Either way I had better try my damndest to get into it a number of ways before the day. I also have this rather ludicrous fear that I will kill all of my adrenaline stores before I even get to the day. This is something I concern myself with because of the fact that pull ups are so darned tough for me! If it's the test of strength, with all of the grueling workouts I've put myself through, it makes me wonder if I've ever been tough, truly...okay okay, this is the wrong moment to doubt myself! It's just another opportunity to get stronger, again.
 I probably should have trained my pull ups a little harder, but me and the girls enjoy a ton of variety, so our workouts are never boring. They are anything but! Sometimes the boys in our gym don't understand why they see us training so often, but that's just because they don't understand the philosophy of the swing! Once it enters your mind, you are stuck....

 Hmph. I act like this is my first rodeo. Now it's time to talk some Smash Team Strength into me. I think tonight is going to be our 100s night.

Flexed hang practice (3 sets x PR...start with at least 20 seconds)
Assisted pull ups x 5 sets of 12 reps
push-ups x 5 sets of 20 reps
Leg press x 5 (pyramid set, 100 reps on 1st set) I start with two total plates (45s) and rake up to 8 or 10 plates. I know I can get 20-25 reps with 8 plates....

front racked or goblet squats, bottom, x 5 sets, at least 25 reps
100 sit ups
Burnout sit up set with halos
1 minute plank holds x 5
And possibly some rowing for my cardio portion. 10-20 minutes max.

...I'm not married to doing this whole adventure, but if it works out to rock the whole thing, I'm down.

This workout will give my palms a rest from swinging. I think Wednesday I'll run a straight swing and snatch test, looking through my requirements and just see where I'm at.

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