Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Change My Game, part 1.

One can only do Kettlebells for so long, before one starts to notice a shift in the type of workout that is being done. What I'm saying is, while kettlebells are excellent for fat loss and incredible strength gains, each type of exercise deserves its own individual merit for what it does. We as exercise practitioners have this unbelievable work ethic in one area of fitness, and we usually let all other faculties crumble. That is so not fair to the body since we need them all.

I look at my body and I can tell that I'm strong. I can see muscle. People know I lift. But with all that functional strength, it needs somewhere to go. Am I a fast runner and sprinter? Only if I practice...and then my body comes down to meet the needs of speed. Do I look defined? Only when I go out of my way to diet down and traditionally strength train. Is my heart peppy? When I practice endurance and interval training, I feel right as rain. But can I support my own body weight? Well seeing as body weight strength is a quintessential way to understand if one is strong truly on ones own merit, it says a lot.

Well you can only imagine what I learned about myself next, and when my awareness came to it, I wondered why I would ever sell myself to anyone as a trainer. Yes I had a lapse in self belief for one moment, when I came to the sad realization that my pull ups were a failed, but mostly unpracticed notion, and that my Ls had never been practiced the way they needed to be...

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