Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Code Name: BEASTIN'.

     All I could hear was the sound of my breath. As the first 5 or 6 pounds to the ground were delivered up to my throat, the sound of the children running, disintegrated into thin air. I kept my pace though, and gave up on the rubber hand swinging to and fro, exchanging it for a powerful pump in a straight, forward leaning pace that probably rocked my best time. It just didn't feel natural at first, but then I realized I could get farther with that simple adjustment.

Saturday I taught power jumps and proper squats.
Sunday I did some suspended rolling, pull ups, L hanging, L sits, and some dangerously different exercises.
There is no better way to say what happened to me, except for that my training partners and I have been BEASTIN' on our workouts. It's the only way to solicit unmitigated change. If you're working that hard, there is absolutely no way to fail. To work intensely hard, stands you out from your competition. You are a complete road warrior to your advancement, instead of a roadblock. You rule your body, not some box someone told you to jump in.

So...sprints monday...and Tuesday morning Capoeira and muay thai exercises. Worked the girls to death! They were happy to work through. It was gratifying. One thing I noticed is that you have to teach people how to beast. It's not an everyday action where you give into your fatigue. It's something where you pick up all your reserve energy and you push it through, all the way through. It's a window into tomorrow, the body you want. Simple as that, and there is nothing in this world that can change that.

     So if you think you are working hard though not seeing results, think again. Reevaluate your food and what you're doing and check to see if you are working to the level of your independent ability, or to frustration levels. Because frankly, if you aren't getting gassed and frustrated at how much harder you could have gone in that round, you didn't do all you could do. It's real simple.

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