Thursday, July 3, 2014

I've got the "Oh No, What Have I Done" Blues.

It happened to me. I can barely walk.

Or when I do, I look like I need a cane, and fast. I didn't think I would be sore all at once, but it happened. The sprints finally snuck up. Now, I only did 11 by 50 to 100 meter dashes, with a slow kick and then I would speed up a quarter of the way in. I wasn't expecting such success, but I had it, and it was amazing.

So I warmed up with a couple laps and dove right in. I did not work the track but held my ground on the turf, straight away. 100 meters, walk back. 50 meters, walk back. The walk was my recovery time. The sprint was my workout time. The 11 times was my motivation to lean out, driven by pure hunger for change. But trust me, something in me didn't want to do any. But how sad for me, that I had not even one roadblock to my success. I guess the motivation to lean out was higher on the list. I'm feeling pretty stellar about that.

This is a 200 meter workout, but maybe you can glean some benefit.

So now I cannot walk, literally. Or really I'm exaggerating. It's really painful to move, and laugh. Please don't make me laugh. NOTHING could be that funny right now. I almost went to try a round of suspended TRX tucks, but the fact that I worried about getting stuck upside down from sheer agony, seemed like enough to just say no. And my solar plexus was screaming at me yesterday, as I attempted to demonstrate a Pilates rollover exercise, that some would say works the upper abs. Well the solar plexus is most definitely involved, and underdeveloped. Okay thanks body! I pretty much know now. I get the picture. Can you please stop holding my stomach hostage man? Thanks.

Here's some more info on sprinting you may be interested in. Or not.

And here's a video clip of a dancing chicken. He's good. Okay. She. She's good. Never underestimate the power of a good chicken, or a good secondary cardio option. Please, do not call the fast food chicken restaurants.
Dancing Chicken

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