Thursday, May 23, 2013

HKC Time.

So I signed up.

Through me ran a mixture of "oh crap!" and "Wow I'm awesome" and "What ever will I do if I don't pass?" and "What the hell are you doing?" and "I got this!!!" and "I've been training so long. Maybe I am overtrained?" "I wanna cry, I'm so excited!!"

So that about sums it up.

I ran to the gym that night after sharing my excitement with my friends. It's funny though. The two people I thought would be interested in checking into the certification were two trainers, and they actually tried to say all of these negative messages and tapes running through their skull, ready to discount the next cert, it being a bite off the last one. Well I happen to see these guys as the real deal, and I've been studying them for some time, and I couldn't be more pleased than to be training with them.

Anywho, I went in with my Smash Team girls, and we did a five set routine with 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 50 situps, 10 single forward leans, 10 double kettle squats, and 5 minutes of rowing. After the fifth set, we wanted to poke each other's eyes out.

Some of this may be nerves toward the big day. I just hope my minimum requirements are ready. I really don't have anything to worry about, but sometimes it's fun to kick up some adrenaline. I can't wait!!!

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