Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh Look! A Running Rant.

I forgot how darn tough it is to run.

I mean seriously. Running takes patient, pounding, and skill, maybe even talent. There was this time in my life when I ran marathons, but it hasn't been in years. I usually leave running to the pros these days but I have to start my cardio stint back since I went to the doctor. You see, what the doctor told me kind of irritated me, besides the fact that I had a few extra carbs this weekend of a rather naughty kind. And once you get naughty, sometimes one can spiral. Lucky for me I have some form of discipline.

Anyway, back to the doctor, who told me about my blood pressure. She had the nerve to say it was normal, and that my heart rate was a whopping 75 bpm! It's never been that in the history of my life. After seeing anywhere from 45 to 64, I thought that maybe I should throw just a little bit of cardio back into my life, and it doesn't stop with the good 40 minutes of walking and mild jogging. I only wish to use the jogging for gearing myself up a little, but not to the point where I am running hours again. That was mildly excessive.

So I'm over the notion or concern of eating into my muscle tissue. I know that this is going to be another fun exercise with carbohydrates and balancing my life between the two extremes, but it sure is easy to train on moderate carbs. I don't know what it will be to run on moderate carbs but so far, my body seems to want to adapt to anything.

Now I'm heading to the gym to run a quick pull up, push up, plank and swing practice...nothing fancy tonight. Besides, I have no idea how I will even feel just yet. Either way, I'll feel accomplished when it's done.

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