Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Road to HKC.

How do I love and stress out thee? Let me count the ways...I've just spent time blogging instead if the usual Saturday morning yoga session, my style. However, for some reason, this is proving to be okay because I needed apparently to carve some time out for writing, as evidenced by the gaping holes in time between blog posts. This must end.

This post runs on much like the procrastination of my next pull up session, in preparation for the HKC. I'm gathering the money for it and commiting today, offering up a block that could potentially last if I don't see this moment as a window of opportunity. Although I'd be doing it on borrowed money, hitting the ground for clients has got to be my point of focus after this cert. just a few good clients could be the difference in my outcomes.

The HKC cert is in June. Who knows? These top guys and gals may be interested enough in me to notice my work and to want more from this experience of the Connie. Hey! Though it's a humorous thought, you never really know how you are impacting a person at times, until they just come out and tell you...anywho, I think my mindless ramble has a bit to do with the nervousness surrounding my success with this cert. I throw a lot of food on my plate to consume, and this is yet another beast mastering gauntlet I am asking myself to undergo, as if I haven't had enough challenges this year. Well it comes to my attention that swinging this wrecking ball of dynamic change is so symbolic with the initiation of strength that the hard style Kettlebell Cert seems to represent.

I do look forward into the future with faith that HKC will bring me extra success as a fitness professional on a higher plane, a larger playing field. I notice how hard it is to get into this larger field of consciousness with everything and it almost threatens to seize me up again and take me off course of what I've already found to be most valuable in my life. It would be a major disservice to miss this portal. I'd better jump thru.

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