Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Demolition Women.

Hell hath no fury like the woman on a mission with a kettle and a dream.

And ooohhh, what a killer workout we did tonight! I was already walking in super sore from the night before. What began as a tough interval training with Mike's class, turned into some intense kettle work on the floor. When I push my intervals really hard, my head goes for a pretty solid spin! But it's okay, hunger like a mule and feeling the work was all worth it in the end!

We did a solid hour tonight on the floor. Since Kelly and I are built like real women, we can pack away the exercises and reps!! Lately, whenever I think of raising my reps, it just seems like a bad idea, since I love the feeling of strength when I am swinging at my toughest weight.

Sometimes I'm sure that people may think kettles unsafe, but if there is time, training and research put behind the swing, the results can be phenomenal. I am amazed at how much load my shoulders can take, and how much stronger I am now, when I do standard exercises with dumbbells, machines and cables. Even my pull-up routine has gotten more solid. It's a pretty awesome feeling.

Since we keep it different on the daily, our bodies really feel open to change. This also increases strength. I don't know about the others, but we train kettles on back-to-back days, but with different exercises. It seems as if the continual practice is a beneficial piece to picking up kettles. I'm marveling at the change in my abs after being consistent with kettle work for over a year. Now I'm getting ready to start shredding for real. Sometimes all that takes is a little timing, discipline and proper judgment, and maybe a few extra dollars to keep up with basic training supplements and vitamins.

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