Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leaning into Lean

Okay. Every trainer has their moment when they decide to push for that leaner look. I've been pushing for strength, and also to get my fitness angle back from an endurance perspective. Of course, I've since needed a break from the scene. When I look back at the number of classes I was teaching, it was only a matter of time before I either burned out, or hurt something beyond repair, thereby promising my demise...and now that I'm back, it's also time to bring something old back with me.

I thought I would make my most recent stint about creatine, and before that, green coffee supplements, then CLA. Nothing seemed to really be taking off though, and I just figured it was because the supplements were malaffective...that, or I really needed to change my diet and some workout habits in order to see rippling abs. Well, I was getting some results. Probably the toughest part is, once I see the whirlwind results, I'll never want to go back to certain foods like wheat or dairy. I cannot imagine myself being too far off, as I train like a beast and eat a vegetarian diet.

I revisited a supplement called Endurox. All it is, is extra potent ginseng, named ciwujia, in pill form. It's potency is not completely loaded and produced for three days, so I am in the process of loading in the Endurox, and letting the creatine go for a couple of weeks. I need to learn the right combination of elements that help properly load the creatine, and then maybe I'll go back to it. I'm perfectly sure that there might be some diamond combo that makes everything all right. Meanwhile, it's Endurox.

Now Endurox gives me maddening energy and stamina that could possibly lead to leanness. I wait with bated breath, and a clean plate of food to go with my high energy gym soul search. Here we go.

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