Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Amigas with A Wrecking Bell: SMASH.

I think I speak for the crew when I say: we feel pretty badass with a kettle.

There. I HAD to say that. Nothing feels quite as good as being able to handle your own weight, plus handle the weight of a swinging mass of iron, cutting through the air at a velocity high enough to adversely affect anything in its path...except for the workout itself, which it has a very pleasing effect on. Leave it to the masters of the kettle, to make me feel quite infantile in our year-long, fairly intense kettle study, and yet strong enough to contend in one of the more reputable kettle certification paths out there. (One day I may find myself eyeing a cert from the RKC San Diego.)

Kettle bells have probably changed my life. They for sure have forever changed my workouts, and the way I choose to get down on the fitness scene. Kettles are one of the toughest efforts I've really ever placed on my lifting quest, even though I have lifted rather heavy in my day. There's something about swinging a kettle, that motivates me to want to swing it over and over. It calls me back to try again, to readjust, to experiment and play. Kettles make me want to spend time on the floor getting sets for a good couple of hours, until the body begs to stop. Kettles please me. Someone stop me. I'll go on for a good long time about the many wonders of the kettle bell. My grandma would surely have loved kettle bells. It would have worked out a lot easier for hurling massive cast iron objects at grandpa. After all, she didn't want to ruin her good cookware.

My training amigas began as my clients in my Thursday 7p Plyo and Sculpt class at World Gym in La Crescenta. They devoted passionate, intense time and commitment to the practice and discipline of becoming fit. Both girls stated some pretty solid goals. "I want to have a flat tummy for once in my life." "I want to lose weight and be truly fit on my own terms." About two years into our relationship, I finally leaned over and asked, "I need a workout partner and you need a new program. Wanna start lifting?" A few workouts and an Avengers movie later, the Blissfully Fit Smash Team was born.

In my eyes, it was birthed because of my BF loving the Hulk and us digging one of the last lines in that movie. It was a classic moment that reminded me of my girls.

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