Monday, November 26, 2012

Kettles for Dinner

Cottage cheese for breakfast, protein shake for lunch. Kettles for dinner.

It's the only thing I want on my nutrition plan right now, as I reflect back to the food fiesta from Hell, or shall I say, the TABLE OF TERROR. Yes, it has been written, that I ate more yeast rolls with butter, than it takes to stuff a 25 pound turkey. ...Well, I probably did not, but it sounded good.

So as a result, Hell hath no fury like the woman on a mission with a kettle bell and a carb, post-tofurkey day. All I can think about, is how much energy I need to generate this evening. In fact, it may be a good day to grab the unusual cup of coffee and a little ginseng. Maybe I'll try this yerba mate energy shot. Either way I'm doing it up tonight, and it won't be pretty.

Here's my Kettle dinner, my MONDAY NIGHT KETTLE FIGHT.

Cardio (30 min.)
Pull ups/knee ups/leg ups
Kettle session repeats 10 reps each exercise/side and 1-3 times through with 2 min. jump rope sets in between.

Clean and press
Racked Squats
@ the world
High pulls

Jump rope...
Snatches with straight bar
Snatches from floor
Snatches with swing
Hovers/wrecking ball
alternating swings (Darcy swings)

Jump rope...
Kettle squats (holding the horns)
swing, clean, squat, press
Stir the cauldron
2 hand swing

Jump Rope...
swing to lunge
swing catch and squat
sumo squat/sandbag/deep lunge
step into sumos, tap in (40x)

...This is a long workout, so you may consider doing each exercise one time through, or break it up into 2-3 sessions, at which point, each exercise repeats 3 times with 10 or even higher reps.

There. That should kill the carbs. At the very least, it'll start the engine. Or something.

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